Cadets have a Field Day at Fulwood Barracks

13 October 2017

Year 10 students who are part of the School’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) enjoyed a Field Day at Fulwood Barracks yesterday.

The students enjoyed a variety of activities including camouflage and concealment, cooking in the field and ration packs, an assault course, first aid and battlefield tactics. 

CCF is a national programme run by the Ministry of Defence in partnership with schools, which offers students the opportunity to partake in a broad range of activities designed to develop their personal responsibilty, leadership skills and self-discipline. 

Carr Hill Contingent Commander, History teacher LT Yates, said, “The programme is designed to push students outside their comfort zones to boost their confidence and self-belief. It encourages a high level of teamwork and comradery to complete various military themed activities and challenges, and will equip students with skills they can take forward into their everyday lives”. 

Year 10 student and recent CCF recruit Danielle has been on five CCF days so far. She said, “ I joined the CCF programme largely because my Dad is ex-military having served in the RAF for 24 years, and I wanted to experience a little bit of the kind of things he used to do. 

The atmosphere is great and I’ve met a lot of new people from other local schools as a result of it. Aside from that, I also like the fact it’s such a challenge and so different to any other extra-curricular activity I’ve experienced. 

On our latest trip to Fulwood Barracks I particularly enjoyed the trust exercises, assault course and camouflage face paint. I think I was the muddiest I’ve been in my life and it was so physically challenging I’m still aching now, but I loved every minute.

I want to go into Law after school and this is teaching me skills I know will be transferable for my future career.  For example as a cadet we sometimes have to lead drills, standing in front of people, directing them, public speaking and putting ourselves out there, not dissimilar to the kind of thing I would be doing in a Court of Law. I would definitely recommend it to other people, you learn so much and certainy won’t regret it.

If you're interested in finding ou more please speak to Mr Yates.