Carr Hill Rocks

28 September 2017

Students from Carr Hill are hoping to bring a smile to the residents of Kirkham and the surrounding areas through painted pebbles.

The painted pebble movement, which originated in America and is becoming more and more popular in the UK, is similar to geocaching.  The pebbles are left in parks, nature trails and playgrounds in the hope that someone will find them.  Once they are discovered the person who found it posts a picture of the pebble on social media before either keeping it, or re-hiding it for someone else to find and enjoy.

Year 5 and 6 primary school students who attend Carr Hill’s Open Evening on Thursday 28th September will be invited to take a pebble home with them on the evening to hide in their local area.

Communications and Marketing Officer Mrs Bowie-McLean said, “The purpose is simply to spread a bit of happiness through an inspirational quote, smiley face or colourful pattern. Our students have really enjoyed creating their mini-masterpieces. They are excited to see how far the pebbles travel and of course photos of their rocks on our Facebook page.”

If you find a painted pebble then please follow the instructions on the label on the back of it….Take a photo on your phone, post it on the Carr Hill High School Facebook page using the hashtag #carrhillrocks and re-hide the pebble.