School Life

Express Café

Our catering facilities are open to all students and staff at the following times:

  • Before school from 8:15am
  • Break 10:55am – 11:15am
  • Lunch 13:15pm – 13:50pm 

The school kitchens and dining rooms are first-rate, modern facilities for students and staff. The dining rooms serve nutritious foods, cooked in healthy ways. The school caterers have worked extremely hard to ensure that the school meets the government’s food and nutrition based standards for school lunches. Some families will qualify for free school meals. Please see below for more information.

Food is available in the dining room and students can buy a variety of different breakfast items before school and at break ranging from bacon sandwiches to fruit pots, yoghurt and cereal. At lunchtime students and staff are offered the option of a meal deal including a main course with pudding and drink along with a variety of smaller items such as sandwiches, panini’s, soups, pasta pots, jacket potatoes and wraps. A separate dining room is available to Sixth Form students. 

The canteen serves a three week rotational menu which changes twice a year, serving a variety of different meals every day, which always includes a vegetarian option. The canteen at Carr Hill was recently visited by the Food Standards Agency and was awarded a rating of five on the Food Hygiene Ratings – the highest score attainable. Please find the current three week rotational menu below.

 Secondary School Menu 

Carr Hill High School & Sixth Form Centre operates a cashless system and the school has implemented a way to view exactly what your child has been eating and what their current balance is on their cafeteria account. The system allows parents to view the most recent 30 day period and is updated every evening around 5pm.The system is called ParentScope. In order to view this information you will need to set up a ParentScope account via and input the unique pupil number (UPN) of your child. There is a helpful guide that you can download from which will take users through the process step by step. If you do not have a UPN for your child/children contact the Finance Team via or 01772 689003.

Packed Lunches

Students may bring a packed lunch to school. Rooms are made available for students to eat in. Packed lunches, sweets and chocolate bars should not be eaten on the school corridors or in the school grounds – only fruit, water and fruit juices may be consumed outside the designated packed lunch rooms. This ensures students sit down to eat, and minimises litter around the site.

All pupils are encouraged to drink unflavoured still water to re-hydrate themselves. No fizzy drinks are allowed. It is not the school’s policy to dictate to parents what the content of packed lunches should be but the importance of eating sensibly and healthily should not be understated.Packed lunches can be eaten in three locations: the picnic area between the Hall and the Dining Hall; the Hall and the Benches area.

Free School Meals

Would you like to save £342 a year?

Some families qualify for free school meals – a saving of up to £9 per week.

If you are in receipt of benefits such as income support, jobseekers’ allowance, child tax credit or state pension credit your child may be entitled  to a free school meal.

Further details are available by calling 01524 581 207.  In one phone call you can check if you are eligible, apply and be awarded free meals without having to complete any application forms.

Find out more here 

In exceptional circumstances, if you wish your child to go home for lunch please complete the appropriate request form and return it to school. Please note that if you give permission for your child to go home for lunch, responsibility for your child’s safety, welfare and behaviour passes to you until your child returns to school. The lunchtime period is only 35 minutes long so unless your child lives very close to the school it is usually impractical for them to go home during this period. No students in Year 7 to 11 will gain permission to go to the chip shop or shops for their lunch. Students who do not go home for lunch must stay on the school premises throughout lunchtime unless they have the permission of the Headteacher.


The school is currently working on a School Travel Plan with two aims:

  1. Reducing the number of car journeys to and from school by staff and students by encouraging and enabling more to travel by sustainable means.
  2. To improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on the approach to school.

If our bid is successful we aim to vastly improve the facilities and security of bicycle storage to encourage more students to cycle to and from school. Currently only 0.6% of our students cycle to school even though over 16% said they would prefer to. We would greatly appreciate any comments and suggestions which would help us to achieve our aims, which can be forwarded to Mr Davidson via the Contact Us section of the website. 

The School Nurse

The school nurse holds a ‘Drop In’ at Carr Hill High School every Monday and Thursday 11am – 2pm. The confidential ‘Drop In’ service is open to all students, no appointments are necessary. All students can call to see the school nurse to discuss any concerns/ issues/ worries that they may have about any aspect of their health: physical, mental, emotional and sexual health.

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Role of School Nurse

  1. To assess, protect and promote the health and well-being of school age children and young people.
  2. To offer advice, care and treatment to individuals and groups of children and young people and the adults who care for them (Every Child Matters, DH, 2006)
  3. To empower young people to take responsibility for their health care choices


All students at Carr Hill High School are expected to complete homework in national curriculum subjects (with possible exception of PE & PSHE). The school publishes a timetable identifying which lessons students are due to receive homework.  The purpose of the timetable is to ensure that each subject is allocated an appropriate amount of homework and that homework is distributed (as evenly as possible) across the school week.  The homework timetable is available to download below.

Students in years 7, 8 & 9 will usually receive:

  • 1 piece of homework per fortnight in ICT, RS, Art, Drama and Music
  • 2 pieces of homework per fortnight in MFL, Design & Technology, Geography and History
  • 3 or 4 pieces of homework per fortnight in Maths, English and Science

Each piece taking a maximum of 30 minutes to complete

Students in years 10 & 11 will usually receive:

    1 or 2 pieces of homework per fortnight in ICT and RS
    2 or 3 pieces of homework per fortnight optional subjects Block A, Block B, Block C and Block D
    4 pieces of homework per fortnight in Maths and English
    6 pieces of homework per fortnight in Science

Each piece taking a maximum of 40 minutes to complete

Students in year 12 & 13 will receive homework in the majority of their lessons.

 Homework TT Summary 2014

Homework Club

A Learning Manager (Mrs H Ashton or Mrs D. Riley) or the librarian (Mrs A. Berry) are available in the HUB every evening, to enable students to access all the facilities we offer in school. The homework club runs from 3.10 until 4.30 Monday – Thursday and 3.10 until 4.00 p.m. on a Friday.

Students will be offered light refreshments and will be encouraged to use the books and computer facilities to complete their homework/coursework/private study in a warm and friendly environment. A member of staff is on hand to help them, contact teachers and subject specialists on their behalf with any issues that may arise.

The learning managers are also offering a drop in service before school and at breaks for students to resolve any problems that may have arisen. They should come to the office in the HUB.

We appreciate homework can be stressful for parents/guardians, as well as students and we would encourage you to contact us directly with any worries or concerns you have. You can contact us at

Use of the Planner

The school planner acts as a homework diary where students are expected to record homework that they are issued.  Teachers will ensure that there is time allocated within their lesson for students to do this.

College mentors will check student planners on a weekly basis to ensure that homework is being noted correctly, and that deadlines are being met.  It is expected that parents will ensure that the planner is also checked regularly at home, and should sign the planner on a weekly basis.  Parents can also use the planner as a communication tool to write notes to college mentors.



Applications are currently open for School Prefects.  Please see the information below for more information:

Prefect Application 2017

Prefect Introduction 2017